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High performance trading algorithms backed by quantitative research & reinforcement learning

Experience unparalleled growth powered by

Mero AI


We build, You deliver.

Leverage our experience in building high performance trading algorithms to navigate your way through stocks, indices, forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Algorithmic Trading


Our proprietary risk management algorithms help you hedge, protect and restructure deals on the fly, in a real time basis to ensure risk mitigation in black swan events. 

Risk Management


Our team is constantly on the look out for new markets and avenues to explore. We build our algos where we see an opportunity and we are happy to work with those who point us in the right direction and build from scratch.

Research & Development


Our numbers speak volumes.

Facts and Figures

Years of Experience


Commercial Algos & Growing


Assets Traded across four asset classes


Profitable Trades Executed


About Us

Mero AI is a series of algorithmic trading products built since 2016 and constantly updated and backtested with key datapoints from 2007 till date. Our Trading algos are designed to provide decsion science and risk management support for private funds, AMC's and UHNWI's across the world.

With live commercial data, we provide the necessary automated strategies to back targetted funds for specific industry sectors or asset classes.


What our clients say

Mero AI has helped us research, prototype and commercialize viable strategies. There has been a lot of proactive support from their team in helping us tap into some niche, exotic instruments

Suren Patel,
CEO, 7Advisors

Mero AI has shown us significant insights into understanding new markets. We love the number of datapoints used in helping us understand risks.

Syed Faiz Hassan,
Director, Imperier Holdings

The guys at Mero AI have helped our clients meet a specific risk critera. The results have been consistent so far.

Cemal Hamitogullari,

CEO, Pytch Ventures

Our Network

Unified excellence in fund performance

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